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Clickpoint Integrations


Need help integrating your systems into one easily manageable solution?


Looking for a new website, develop an api or build an application?


Have a website in need of some much needed care or a bunch of servers needing updates?

Software Integrations

All too often we have found companies with convoluted processes prome to human error due to the use of multiple systems that don't cooperate with eachother. We aim to fix that. Whether it be a Point of Sale system that needs integrating with your webshop or simply a temperature sensor that needs to tell a heater to turn on or off. We have you covered.

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Recent Integrations

Click & Collect Integration

Plenty Parts
  • Store Click & Collect functionality
  • Integration between Magento and their systems
  • Progressive Web Application


CLoader CMS
  • Call Log Scraping
  • Auto Invoicing facility


Exorath B.V.
  • Custom server management system
  • Server load balancer
  • Distributed backup facility

Development & Management

We offer bespoke systems development built to last. As you grow and change so can your system with the help of out management systems, warrenty periods and documentation provided as standard.

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Educational Outreach

We work closely with our partners to help develop and maintain new educational projects free for public use.

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