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We work closely with our specialist partners to develop and maintain new educational projects.

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Running a school club and looking for a new project to fill the time or simply want to entertain with a project? We're here to help.

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This project is about building a fully functional quiz game, complete with buttons for players, lights showing the current status, and a scoring system. The game will also query an online database to provide a large number of questions that can be asked during the course of the game. A block diagram showing the seperate elements of the game is shown below.

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Lincoln UTC CSNET is an educational platform that allows students to broaden their skillset. Whilst normal college machines are locked down with group policies csnet provides an isolated subnet for students to play with all supported by the GCSE and ALevel computer science curriculum. In the case of something going wrong CSNET is able to restore, installl and remove applications alongside do automated backups through the use of UPanel.

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